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Teeth Whitening

Sparkling white teeth are the epitome of a beautiful smile. While many people get enough satisfaction from whitening toothpaste, you may decide that you want an even whiter smile! If you want to explore teeth whitening options, schedule an appointment or ask us about it at your next cleaning!

Teeth Whitening Options

Some teeth whiten better than others and we are more than happy to discuss all the options available to you. Here are the options you have for achieving a bright white smile:Smiling guy with white teeth visited received teeth whitening in Bloomington.

In-office bleaching | During your appointment we will apply a protective gel to your gums, along with a protective shield in some cases. We will then put the bleaching agent on your teeth and use a special light that works with the agent to get you the whitest smile!
At-home bleaching | Bleaching kits and simple bleaching strips are easily available for at-home bleaching. Results will vary and you may experience some tooth sensitivity.
Whitening toothpaste | The easiest and most inexpensive way to whiten teeth is with tooth whitening toothpaste! Almost all kinds of toothpaste contain a whitening agent that works to remove surface stains.

Zoom! Whitening

Zoom whitening is a chairside whitening procedure that involves a low-sensitivity whitening gel and a special light to activate the gel. The Zoom whitening treatment is:

Happy girl got her teeth whitened in Bloomington with Zoom Whitening.Quick and Easy | Our trained staff will quickly apply the gel to your teeth and then activate it with a light. After one easy hour in the dental chair, your teeth will be 6-10 shades lighter.

A Way to Achieve Dramatic Results | The Zoom! system yields stunning results, giving you bright white teeth eight shades whiter after just one hour.

A Safe and Painless Procedure | Teeth whitening is one of the safest cosmetic dentistry procedures available, and one that makes the greatest impact. Most patients notice little to no discomfort associated with their Zoom whitening procedure.


“Dental problems have been a source of great anxiety because of traumas since early childhood. Thanks to Dr. Moore and his team, my tensions have evaporated with steady improvement in my dental health over the recent years. I would recommend Create-a-Smile to anyone.”

– Louise G.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening in Bloomington, IN

Getting white teeth doesn’t have to be difficult. Dr. Moore of Create a Smile has been trained extensively to provide simple, beautiful teeth whitening treatments to his valued patients. Give us a call, text, or contact us using the form below to schedule a teeth whitening appointment today.

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