Prepless Veneers

Typically it can take anywhere from 2–6 weeks to get traditional porcelain veneers. Between the initial visit, shaping of the teeth, and creation and placement of the veneers, the time can add up. With prepless dental veneers, you won’t need to spend as much time getting the smile you’ve always wanted!


Unlike traditional dental veneers, where the surface of the tooth must be shaved down to accommodate the restoration, Lumineers are so thin that they can be placed without altering the tooth at all!

Lumineers are even thinner than traditional dental veneers. These veneers can instantly be bonded to the surfaces of the teeth without harming the natural enamel.


Vivaneers are veneers for teeth that are pressed by a high-strength ceramic press, which can compact the veneers for teeth as thin as 0.3 mm. These dental veneers can be translucent or opaque based on your preferences and designed to match the shade of your natural teeth. Vivaneers have extra strength and can even be used with bonded full crowns.

I’ve been coming here for a few years now and can honestly say this is the best team of dental professionals. As an extremely nervous dental patient who has had many bad past dental experiences, Dr. Moore and his team have always been patient and kind and, above all else, extremely comforting when I get nervous. I’ve had multiple crowns, cavities, and root canals done and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Scheduling is easy, the location is great! I couldn’t ask for a better dental team!Keely S.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin tooth-colored shells that are customized to cover the front and sides of the teeth. They are great for correcting stained, chipped, decaying, or crooked teeth.

Getting veneers for teeth is a simple process that usually only requires two visits. During the first visit, we will create an impression mold of your mouth so the dental lab has exact measurements of your smile for making the veneers. We will then work with you to pick the best shade for the veneers.

During your second visit, we will buff and shape the surface to prep for the dental veneers and apply liquids so your teeth can achieve a strong bond with the veneers. Veneers for teeth usually require little to no anesthetic, allowing you to have a simple and comfortable experience.

Get a New Smile in Less Time With Prepless Veneers!

Dental veneers are an ideal choice for patients seeking a significant transformation for a lower cost and fewer appointments. To learn more about our prepless dental veneers like Lumineers and Vivaneers, please give us a call at Create a Smile Dentistry today!


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