Bad Breath

How Oral Inflammation Can Affect Your Health in Bloomington

Swollen and painful gums are symptoms of periodontal disease, an inflammatory gum disease. At Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore, we offer proven gum disease treatment in Bloomington. Swelling occurs from an auto-immune response of the body reacting to an infection. Infections are noticeable through pain, redness, and warmth. If the infection is

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Unmasking the Threat of Gum Disease and At-Risk Individuals in Bloomington

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a stealthy adversary that can creep into our mouths with little warning. For some individuals, the risk of developing gum disease is significantly higher due to various factors. Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore, located near Bloomington, is dedicated to shedding light on the importance

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Beating Horrible Halitosis

“My neighbor’s bad breath is scaring me.” I’m Doctor Moore with Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore. I’d like to take a few minutes to share with you some information about bad breath. Brushing just the teeth may not remove bits of food between the teeth and up in the gums. Bacteria can

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Nourish Your Smile And Discover the Top Foods Good for Your Teeth

While brushing and flossing play crucial roles in oral hygiene for our Bloomington Indiana neighbors, did you know that your diet also influences the health of your teeth? Consuming the right foods can provide vital nutrients and promote optimal dental health. Let’s explore the variety of tooth-friendly foods that can enhance your oral hygiene routine

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Yes, We Treat Bad Breath

When dental patients ask if mouthwash cures bad breath, we tell them that treating bad breath with a mouthwash is like drenching yourself with cologne instead of taking a shower. Mouthwash is only a temporary mask for odor caused by poor oral hygiene, tongue bacteria, or digestive conditions. The best-selling mouthwashes have a significant amount

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Why Is Dry Mouth Risky For Your Teeth?

Hello, welcome to the Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore blog. Today we are going to talk about Dry Mouth, an unpleasant condition that can actually affect oral health. Reduction of saliva flow resulting in a dry mouth is a common dilemma, especially among older adults. However, men and women of all ages

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You Don’t Have to Live With Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath can happen even when you do everything right: brushing and flossing after meals, using mouthwash, and having regular checkups at Create A Smile in Bloomington IN. If you are doing everything right, but still coping with bad breath, don’t make any changes right away. Brushing longer and more forcefully isn’t likely to

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Halitosis And Xerostomia (Bad Breath And Dry Mouth)

In this post from Create A Smile in Bloomington IN, we address the unpleasant topic of halitosis, also known as bad breath. While poor dental hygiene is the most common cause of halitosis, many factors can contribute to it, or even make it worse. One of these is the lack of saliva, or xerostomia. Saliva

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Dental Health in Bloomington: 9 Terrific Tooth Tips from Dr. Moore

Today’s blog post will focus on 9 facts about dental health in Bloomington. If you’re struggling with bad breath, a missing tooth, or a dental emergency, call Create A Smile, PC at 812-332-1405. We can help you improve your dental health in Bloomington. 1. If you have kids and your municipal water supply does not have

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Is Your Low-Carb Diet Giving You Bad Breath in Bloomington?

Many individuals mistakenly believe that all bad breath in Bloomington is linked to poor brushing. The truth is that there are myriad causes of halitosis. Your dentist can help you identify the cause of your problem and discuss how to cure bad breath in Bloomington. Your diet significantly influences your breath. Because foods begin to

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