Dental Sealant Q & A

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The team at Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore loves to discuss sealants. The team thinks they’re the tops! Q. What are dental sealants? A. Dental sealants are permanent plastic barriers applied to the biting surfaces of teeth. They prevent cavities by filling in the grooves and fissures where food particles are particularly difficult…

Watch Out For Hidden Sugar

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Today, the team at Create a Smile, PC, in Bloomington wants to discuss sugar and cavities. Because of cavity risks, low nutritional value, and high-calorie content, many parents want to limit the sugar in their children’s diets. Bubble gum, lollipops, and chocolate bars aren’t the only culprits. But there is also sugar lurking in so-called…

Are You at Risk for Bone Recession?

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A healthy smile needs decay-free teeth and healthy gums, as well as a strong jawbone. Our teeth need a strong firm foundation to remain healthy and beautiful. At Create a Smile, PC, in Bloomington, we’ve seen a variety of issues in our patients’ jaw health. Today’s post looks at bone recession. Occasionally, a patient experiences bone recession…

6 Good Reasons to Visit The Dentist

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6 Good Reasons To Visit Your Dentist More Often

Most people visit the dentist about once each year. As many as forty percent of Americans see their dentist less often, and some go for years without a checkup. At Create a Smile, PC, in Bloomington, we strongly recommend against this. Don’t put your dental health at risk! Most dentists recommend a visit to the dentist’s office…

Smile To Improve Your Day — And Your Health!

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“IT TAKES MORE MUSCLES to frown than to smile,” the old cliché goes, so you should smile more to conserve energy. Well, it turns out the cliché is false. Smiling takes at least ten muscles, while as few as six are required for a frown. A better expression would be “smile to burn more calories,”…


PLAQUE AND TARTAR are two words that you probably hear a lot when you come in for a dental cleaning. You might already know that they cause tooth decay and gum disease, but do you know what they are? Let’s take a closer look at these two substances that are a constant threat to our…