Last Chance to Use Your 2013 Insurance Benefits

Dear Patients,

Unlike medical insurance, which has a lifetime maximum, dental benefits are usually annual benefits that expire each contract year and do not carry over to the next year. If you don’t use your benefits, you lose your benefits. This directly affects the completion of your treatment. For better use of the benefits you may be paying for, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to use this year’s benefits and complete your existing treatment recommendations.

As a service to our patients, we like to remind them that their dental insurance benefits expire at the end of a contract year. This means each year unused benefits (benefits you may be paying for) are forfeited to the insurance company. Insurance companies improve their profits at the cost of your oral health and expense.

Many of our patients appreciate us reminding them of this each year. In the past, patients have been disappointed when they realized they lost their benefits while their treatment had not been completed. As a result, we attempt to notify affected patients each year.

Our intention, as always, is to serve you in the best possible manner. If you have any questions, please call us at (812) 332-1405>