Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore Cosmetic Dentistry For Drop-Dead Gorgeous Smiles

Create A Smile, PC - Dr. Ken Moore Cosmetic Dentistry For Drop-Dead Gorgeous Smiles

Hello, I’m Ken Moore of Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore. At Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore, we expertly provide all of the advanced general and cosmetic dental procedures available including teeth whitening, short term braces, dental crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, and cosmetic bonding. We also fill cavities with…

A Fast Anti-Aging Treatment Available At Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore

Create A Smile, PC - Dr. Ken Moore For A Smile Impossible To Ignore

Many Bloomington residents consider the myriad options available to stop the aging clock. Whether it is a surgical procedure, botox, hair implants, or a chemical peel, Indiana residents have countless choices to help them look more youthful. We are excited to tell you about a simple and affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure we offer at Create…

Hate Your Dentures?

Bloomington Dentistry Implant

Perhaps you have heard or seen the dental industry’s advertising about dental implants. Many Bloomington dentists claim that dental implant dentures can change your life. Does this sound like big talk? Exaggeration? Let’s consider the facts about dental implant anchored dentures: Chewing: An oral implant denture can restore up to 95 percent of normal chewing…

Nearly Invisible Teeth Straightening

Clear Braces - Nearly Invisible Teeth Straightening for Bloomington Adults

Are you thinking about getting braces? Check out all the new types. The current menu of orthodontic treatments requires a whole new glossary. Lingual Braces and Invisible Braces These are sometimes described as “braces behind the teeth.” These braces can be just as effective at realigning adult teeth as the traditional ‘metal and wires’ kind…

Bloomington Wants Silver Screen Smiles

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Bloomington Wants Silver Screen Smiles

With the constant media coverage of celebrities, many Bloomington dental patients are interested in having a smile like the stars. With an experienced dentist and the right smile makeover procedures, anyone can have a smile they want to show off. Many smile makeovers include teeth whitening. Most drugstores sell over-the-counter whitening strips and gels. Create…

Dental Veneers: 7 Fast Fixes

Bloomington Affordable Dentistry

Hi! Welcome to the Create A Smile, PC – Dr. Ken Moore dental blog where we take the time to answer dental questions. Today we are focusing on fabulous veneers, which are used extensively in cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneers (also called laminates) are custom made to permanently cover the front part of one or more teeth.…

Reinvent Yourself With A Smile Makeover

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Bedford smile makeover

A smile makeover can boost your confidence for an upcoming job interview, promotion or new relationship. The process may include teeth whitening, invisible braces, veneers, dental implants, or gum tissue graft surgery. We want to create the perfect smile for you at Create a Smile, PC, in Bloomington where we create beautiful smiles for our cosmetic dentistry…

Not Too Late To Get Them Straight

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Bedford cosmetic dental and adult braces

Are you an adult in Bloomington with misaligned teeth? Do you regret not having orthodontic treatment when you were a teen? It’s not too late to straighten your teeth – and there are more types of braces available than ever before. At Create a Smile, PC, in Bloomington, we can help. Latest Type of Braces If…