Tooth Sensitivity

Are any of your teeth sensitive?  Do cold drinks or foods send zingers to certain teeth so frequently that you want to do something about it?  Tooth sensitivity can have a number of possible causes including cavities, gum recession exposing root surfaces of teeth, cracked teeth, and worn or abraded enamel.

In healthy teeth a strong layer of enamel covers a softer underlying layer called dentin.  Dentin has tubules in it filled with fluid. These tubules connect directly to the pulp or the nerve of the tooth.  When the enamel protecting the dentin in either worn away, broken away, or etched away from cavities the underlying dentinal tubules become exposed to the oral environment.  So the cold drink or bite of ice cream is transmitted directly through the dentin to the nerve causing tooth sensitivity and those nasty zingers you can’t stand.

Sensitive teeth can be treated.  The treatment depends on the underlying cause of the sensitivity.  Typical treatments for sensitive teeth include:

Fillings if cavities are the cause

Sensitivity tooth paste if gum recession or enamal erosion is the cause

Topical application of fluoride helps alleviate sensitivity

Crowns or onlays to restore cracked or fractured teeth

If sensitivity becomes too severe then a root canal can be performed to alleviate the problem

Talk to the dentist’s at Create-A-Smile, your Bloomington, Indiana family, general, cosmetic dentists today if you have questions about tooth sensitivity.


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